The Grace of God Christian Band is a family outfit of Dr, Conrad Ibukun-Oluwa Ricketts, based in Kubwa Abuja, FCT in Nigeria. The Band plays mainly Christian-Gospel music aimed at bringing everlasting life, joy, peace, love and God's blessings and encouragement, holiness and loving kindness to all.

Dr C. I. Ricketts.


"IN THE BEGINING, GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH." Genesis 1: 1. It is a good thing to remember that God indeed is our creator and  that He loves and  cares greatly for us, irrespective of who we are, where we were born, the colour of our  skin, hair or eyes, our gender. the language we speak, our age, education, profession, social status, age, likes and dislikes, hopes and aspirations, abilty and disabilities. God loves us truly because He made us and He knows us and has chosen to love us all the same. Beloved, He is a GREAT GOOD and WONDERFUL GOD, and He is REAL and TRUE. God loves you truly. Yes Beloved, YOU.

"JOY" Praising God Vol. 1.

  "J - for Jesus."  Joy is a very important experience each and every one of us as human beings will like to have at all times. Yet the reality is that times and times over and over again, our joy and happiness are lost for one  reason or the other. Sadness comes. Sometimes we feel bad, weak and vunerable, defeated, empty and hopeless. Despite all these, we can have a joy that is deep and real that the various situations and happenings around us cannot touch. This joy is based on God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy  Spirit who  are the giver. You can have this joy by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of he Living God and be saved from sin and death. That done, God makes you a new creature and a member of His eternal family. He writes you name in the book of life and fills and seals you with the Holy Spirit.. 
"O - for Others."  With a new life in Christ Jesus, you will find your heart desiring to help end encourage and make other people around you to be better, and you begin to do this.. You begin to love and help people because they are human beings and not because of what they have done or will do for you. You begin to love and do good to others as God has done good to you. The joy of the Lord fills you heart for every good deed you do for and to someone else.

"Y - for Yourself."  You should not forget to take good care of yourself after you have helped others. Your total well being is important. You  must care for youself as God gives you the grace physically, spiritually and emotionally. This way, your joy in the Lord is complete and satan or the world cannot touch it. You experience the fullness of joy in God  and Christ on daily basis. Congratulations.

This is what this album by the Grace of God Christian Band of Dr. C. I. Ricketts family sings about. It is our very first

Dr C. I. Ricketts.




Giving thanks to the ever living God for His love and mercy and grace, His name be glorified in  Jesus name, amen.
The Grace of God Christian Band is very grateful to all our friends, partners, colleagues, associates, fans and well- wishers for their love, support and prayers. God bless and keep you all real good. Amen.

BAND WEB SITE. - (http://www.drcirickettsgraceofgodchristianband.com).
We are very grateful to all the 19,136  persons who had visited our Band site as of today 22nd of February 2015. We hope that each and every one of such has found something useful within the site.

TUNECORE. - (http://www.tunecore.com/music/graceofgodchristianband).
The Band site at Tunecore has continue to be a major asset. All our songs are available at this site. The subscription has also been renewed for all our 17 albums for another year and our 24 widgets are very active, The Ringtones live are reduced from the 180 initially available. The songs and widgets are being pasted at our Facebook site and website and blogs at Reverbnation. A new album of 10 songs with 10 singles, has been added titled "He Sets Me Free.". It is a great work of high class christian Gospel music. Please, check it out. Tunecore has taken over our publishing activities. We are grateful for this privilege. A new widget has been added for the brand new album, with a free song for download. New outlets including Slicker, Juke, JB Hi-Fi and 7digital are being linked up while automation are also being made. Thank God for the progress.

RADIO AIRPLAY. - (http://www.radioairplay.com/graceofgodchristianband)
We are in touch twice every week at our Radioairplay  with our 2,116 fans all over the world, thanking them for their love support and prayers. 5 songs were added recently and another 2 later, making a total of 32 uploaded songs available at this site including 4 Christmas songs which are without credit. except during the Christmas season. We are very grateful for the high efficiency level at this site and do commend the entire RadioAirplay staff for good work and highly dedicated service. Well done. God bless and keep you all amen.

HEADLINER.FM. - (http://www.headliner.fm/drciricketts/graceofgodchristianband). Now - CoPromote
At the headliner.fm(CoPromote) site, DR. CONRAD RICKETTS ranks 167 with 1.7K engagements, 1,695 recommendations and a fan reach of 32 million. We are very grateful to each and every artist that has helped us in this promotion as well as the excellent Headliner.fm (CoPromote) team and staff. God bless and keep you all amen.

FACEBOOK. - (http://www.facebook.com@drconradricketts).
On facebook, the Band site has recorded 24,099 likes amidst the promotional efforts of the page and songs through Reverbnation and directly. Other web activities are linked and synchronised with this page. We do appreciate all our friends on facebook - both old and new. Thank you very much.

TWITTER - (http://www.twitter.com@drconradrickett)
On twitter, Dr Conrad Ricketts  has 14.9K tweets,  following 5,355  and has 5,315  followers. We are very grateful to all our followers and all who have given us the privilege to follow them. God bless and keep you all. Amen.

REVERBNATION. (http://www.reverbnation.com@drcirickettsgraceofgodchristianband).
At reverbnation, all our albums and songs are uploaded except a christmas album. We have engaged in promotional activities and have set up machandise for sale and uploaded a few songs into the game. The personalized mobile applications are availlable for both android and apple phones. With 161 songs on the band profile, and 30 pictures, we currently rank 3rd in the local, 12th in the national, 216 globally in christian Gospel and 11,653 in all genre globally. Reverbnation fans of 762, 7,736 plays, 2,112 widget hits, 96 mobile application users and a total fans of 28,699, with 10,619 profile views. We thank God for these improvement. We are also grateful to the Reverbnation staff for their great work.

SONICBIDS. - (http://www.sonicbids.com@drconradiricketts).
Sonicbids has many of the top Grace of God Christian Band's songs (30). We have had a total of 70,490 all-time EPK hits and a total of 884,456 song plays.  One new gig was booked recently  had 2 selections earlier, making a total of 10 now. HD Music now and Rok Out Radio. Will need to make efforts to book more gigs and enter into more compitition using our 25 monthly tokens. We are grateful for all the notification we receive continually from this site - our founding site.  God bless and keep you all, amen.

SOUNDCLOUD. - (http://www.soundcloud.com/drconradirickettsgraceofgodchristianband).
At Soundcloud, the Band has 36 songs. 9,296 plays - 215 in last 7 days and 23 in last 24 hours and 115 downloads and 180 profile views. This site is connected to facebook. We are grateful to the entire staff of Soundcloud. More work needs to be done on this site too. Added 5 new song last month and shared; Following more musicians 1,196 and followed by 847 and joiming more groups  - 50 in all.

APOLLO LIVE - (http://www.apollolive.com/drcirickettsgraceofgodchristianband).
Apollo Live is our signed up publisher. We are grateful for their efforts. We hope to get the new 10 song album we are working on to them. It is  finished. We have difficulty getting this publisher presently. Still cannot connect with Apollo live in Denmark.

Four Videos were uploaded to youtube and should be live by now. Praising God Vol. 5 - Jesus I. love you  - 21 views, and Congratulations 19 views, then Praising the Lord always - 258 views and There is none holy as our God - 540 views. Added a new  video - Halleujah, Halleljah, Hallelujah, Praise The Lord!, with 19 views. Only 3 subscription and a total views of 857 .

On MySpace. the Band has 2,498 connections with 16 songs uploaded and made public and 3,119 profile views. We are grateful to all our friends on this site and the entire MySpace staff. God bless and keep you all. amen.

Signed in and uploaded 50 songs and submitted to 10 opportunities on Taxi, some back - not chosen  some pending  Plan to build this site up quickly by God's grace.

Joined this site in May 2013 with Diamond Membership. 36 songs are uploaded, 4 of them downloadable. We have 2,538 subscribers and friends on our mailing list.. I have reviewed over 60 songs. Song plays are 310,356 and profile view of 43,988. We are reaching out to more people through this site. We are grateful to the staff of this organization and all our subscribers and friends. God bless and keep you all amen.

Indabamusic, CDBaby, Google, Last.fm, Tumbir and a few others just coming up.

NEW 10 SONGS - Praising God Vol. 17 - "He Sets Me Free."
  Finshed work on our 10 song new album.. Trusting God that it will bring great blessings and encouragement to many in Jesus name, amen. We launched it in August 2014 in Abuja Nigeria. Publishers and marketers all over the world are welcome to contact us  on conradricks@yahoo.com or through any of our sites fot it. It is live on itune - Tunecore already. Great beautiful songs.
PRAISING GOD VOL. 17 - "He Sets Me Free." Album  and 10 singles, sent to stores all over the world by Tunecore. Check it out.

We thank God for the much He has given us the grace to do. His name for ever be praised.We give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for His love and saving grace. We give thanks to the Holy Spirit for His leading, direction and inspiration.


"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3: 16.


There are no upcoming events right now.

"JOY" Praising God Vol. 1.

"JOY" Praising God Vol. 1.

Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

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Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

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  • bransom bean

    bransom bean isle of man

    I found you on SPOTIFY as I was searching for a hymn I used to sing as a child (50 years ago). What a blessing your music is. Thank you:)
    I found you on SPOTIFY as I was searching for a hymn I used to sing as a child (50 years ago).

    What a blessing your music is.

    Thank yousmile


Beautiful Gospel Music. Podcast

Relax and enjoy beautiful gospel music with Dr. Conrad Ricketts - Grace of God Christian band.
Praising God Vol. 1 -"JOY"  is just for you and all yours. To God be the glory!


Beloved this is to introduce Roland Ricketts to you. He is among the 6 finalists of the Mtn Project Fame West African Season 6 contestants, among truly worthy others. He as a very good singer and multi - instrumentalist ( plays keyboard and drums with professional dexterity)  has been transformed to a great artist and performer to the joy and amazement of us all and to the praise of the living God who has blessed and helped him and the worthy credit of the Mtn Project Fame West Africa principal and tutors… Read more


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Music has great potentials in fulfilling various things in the life of every living thing, especially human beings. For every time, place, function and activities, there is always a very suitable music. Every individual as they grow and mature tends to choose specific musics for different time, occasion and activities in their lives. That is one of the beauty of music. I love music. I also salute every musician.

The refreshing music is the type that you  can enjoy after a busy day or a difficult session or… Read more



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Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band


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Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - When We Walk With the Lord.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - Send the Light.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - Saviour Like a Shephard Lead Us.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - On Christ the Solid Rock.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - O Worship the King.id=eH8NOY8fBFE&offerid=78941&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fphobos.apple.com%252FWebObjects%252FMZStore.woa%252Fwa%252FviewAlbum%253Fid%253D440346564%2526s%253D143441%2526partnerId%253D30">DR. C. I. RICKETTS - "JOY" Praising God Vol. 1.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - Children of the Lord.ges/buttons/badgeitunes62526s1x15dark.gif" />Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - I Will Sing of My Redeemer.Dr. Conrad I. Ricketts - Abide With Me. google-site-verification: googlec88b27fa3bc71efb.html

Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

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Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band

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Dr C .I. Ricketts Grace of God Christian Band